Krita is compiling

On two laptops, prior to running the unittests again. Last time I tried them — four hours ago — I had zero failures. And yesterday, Krita’s bug count in bugzilla had dropped below 40; today it’s 42 again. And that includes a couple of nasty crashers, where we might have a choice between leak and crash, or worse: between disabling a feature and crashing. And there are some important issues among the non-crashers, too, issues that really should be solved.

But we’ve been fixing bugs like mad, mostly me and Sven Langkamp, since Lukas is working on his thesis (which is about brush engines for Krita, yay!) and Cyrille is finishing up his phd. There are a couple of bus that we really need Cyrille for, even.

The bug fixing has been very rewarding, even though our ace beta testers, Enkithan, M4v, Gaizka and Bugsbane have been doing their darnest to keep the bug count at over 42. And there’s more cool stuff: Kubuntiac (on the forum, who is Bugsbane in bugzilla) has been working on Krita’s website, and when we’ve migrated the content from the old website over, we’re ready to flick the switch and krita will have its own website, with lots of content, links to techbase and to userbase.

(Note: we have disabled the following plugins for 2.1: glsl filters, painting with the wave filter, kross-based scripting, together cooperative painting, panorama stitching, the chinese paintbrush (not sumi-e, that’s in), an experimental brush engine, the graphicsmagick import/export plugin (photoshop, gimp, gif etc.) if you have GraphicsMagick newer than 1.2 and the perspective transformation tool.)

And have you all seen Enkithan’s wonderful Dungeon girl illustration, all done in Krita? That’s why I’m spending twenty leisure hours a week on Krita!

Tomorrow Cyrille will tag the first release candidate of KOffice 2.1…