Lamented unmaintained features in Krita

Krita 2.3 is really pretty good — although following the release we’ve found a number of rather serious issues, especially when working with images in the 50-100 megapixel range. But on a less important note, there are quite a few features in Krita that never really got any love after they were initially coded.

The pattern creation tool is one of those, and it’s getting more important now since it’s not possible to use patterns as a color source for freehand painting. The pattern creation popup was coded in 2006 by Bart Coppens (who is also responsible for quite a few other features in Krita but who’s too busy with his Phd these days to code for Krita).

As you can see, it’s quite simple:

There’s a preview, an update button, an use-it-now button and an add-to-predefined patterns button. If you try to make your pattern from a big image (like this 6000×4000 image), you get a warning, and the pattern will be downscaled to fit in 1000×1000. That’s because otherwise it’s pretty easy to run out of memory! Oh, and since yesterday you can select whether you want to create your pattern from the current layer or from the whole image.

What’s missing is using the selection, naming the pattern, exporting the pattern and who knows what else — I haven’t yet checked what other apps provide. Managing existing patterns is pretty primitive as well. And the layout of the popup is a bit of an embarrasment!

But there you have it — a nice small feature that’s suddenly become important. It was fine in 2006, but in 2011, we expect more of it. So… If you suddenly feel inspired to hack on this, join us on #krita on and we’ll get you started!