That dashed TODO list keeps growing

I’ve spent the better part of this week rather feverishly (literally, I’m afraid) hacking on Krita, trying to bring it up to KPaint-level feature-wise, at least, and all that seems to happen is that my TODO list is growing.

Yesterday I fixed that silly slider that regulates the spacing with which brushes are painted on the canvas, did some code clean-ups and made sure the correct cursors are used. And I updated that TODO list:

* The tabs for images inside a document seem to be broken :-(
* Brush cursor shapes for tools (updating cursors from the tools doesn't work yet).
* Give each layer its own imagetype; allow layers of diverse types in one image.
* Option dialog for tools
* Make tools kparts
* Fix scrollbars
* make brush tool antialiased; make un-antialiased pen tool
* If you have a tablet, you can have more than one active tool at a time: 
	stylus, eraser, pointer and your ordinary mouse, not to mention
	the possibility of having several styluses.
* Implement saving/loading of tool properties.
* redo configuration dialog
* Find a way to set the hourglass cursor when doing complex things from
	e.g. KisPainter.
* Make pipe brushes pay attention to the instructions in the 'parasite'
* Use patterns and gradients while painting


And that’s just the bit that got added this week. And I would really like to bring some more structure in the /core source directory, and make a  separate library of the KisPaintDevice/KisPainter code. But that’s a refactoring that can be done at a later stage, when I’m more confident of my C++ abilities. I am growing more confident — I think I could put C++ on my curriculum vitae by now.

The thing that’s most needed at the moment is more tools; that will flesh out the KisPainter interface and give me a reason to improve the user interface. Having more than one layer type in one image would be a good thing, too. That would make it easy to have a CMYK or B/W layer and a layer with spot colour on top.