Two worrying bugs

Krita uses OpenGTL, a very, very cool techology. We use it for filters and for colormodel definitions (mainly for floating point colorspaces). OpenGTL uses LLVM internally to compile from its domain specific language to fast native code, on the fly. Ultra-cool stuff, in short.

But recently, I’ve had two bug reports that worry me a lot, and I do not know how to handle them:

It looks like there’s problem having an application that links to llvm running on a system that uses the radeon driver. I’m not sure, llvm being black magic to me… I also don’t know who to approach in the gallium/radeon/llvm communities about this issue, and neither are the reporters. But if this is true, Krita has a big problem, and so have other applications that make use of the cool possibilities of llvm.

If you have any suggestions, please mail me directly!