A new laptop

My beloved X61 tablet is still going strong, and I still carry it with me wherever I go. I got the tablet calibrated now, for stylus and finger usage and together with MyPaint (I need to blog about mypaint!) or Krita it’s just perfect.

But KOffice is getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more unittests and the poor thing now takes about two hours to compile everything and another hour to run the tests, which is not productive if you try to fix stuff in the libraries, which I’ve been doing a lot. Krita alone has 102 unittestsi (out of 213 for all of KOffice), not counting the two tests that try to run all filters. And while 1024×768 is still the resolution I am making Krita for, I can only use KDeveloper or Qt Creator if they run in full-screen mode.

So I got a new one. A Thinkpad, of course. A really fast W500 with a high resolution screen. Lovely! Same form factor as my previous Z60M. Weirdly enough, on the X61t OpenSUSE rules: everything works perfectly, but it failed on the W500 with bad screen fonts, no network, no suspend, while Kubuntu, which didn’t work on the X61t, works perfectly on the W500. There’s this thing bugging me: with the great build quality, why does Lenovo put such crappy backlights in their laptops? There’s no way to tilt the screen so all of it is readable. And it’s way too dim for my nearly forty-year-old eyes.

But it compiles like a dream!