We were in need of a new printer. Our HP Deskjet 500 was still in relatively fine fettle, considering its decade and a half of service, but the output isn’t good enough for today’s agents and editors.

So we went and bought a new printer. A real laser printer — if you’d asked me ten years ago that in 2005 I’d own a laser printer I’d have ridiculed you with all the sarcasm that I could muster. But now we have on of the little (yes, they’re small, nowadays) beasts.

And it’s boring… Really, utterly boring. A Brother HL-5150D, and it just works. Copy the ppd file from the CD, feed it to cups, tell cups everyone in the house is allowed to print, and there we are. Everything works. No challenge at all, it’s not fair. I’d counted on an interesting Friday evening messing with drivers, googling, testing and then proudly presenting the slain animal to my wife, like my forebears presented their hunk of dinosaur to their wives. But no scope for my hunterly instincts, no, with thanks to Peggy Seeger, mighty restored hunter. It just works.

Except for printing pdf’s with two pages to the sheet from KGhostview. Maybe I can salvage my honor! Here’s luck, let’s crack some skulls and give a toast!