Both laptops have returned

Two weeks and one week late, respectively. And at least one will go back to Dell immediately. At least one has been returned to us with a broken dvd player and a broken keyboard.

We’re checking the other one as I type…


The other one is working fine. But there’s only one expression for Dell, and I’m not going to use that expression in public.

Another update

No, both laptops have returned broken. And it’s bloody impossible to get to speak to someone at Dell except ordinary technical support, and they are dragging Irina through the entire “are you sure it isn’t your own fault”, “run the recovery cd” (nice, both laptops don’t have a working cd drive anymore), “no windows? We only support Windows” sequence. And then, of course, they’ll notice the machines are out of warranty, I’m waiting for that.

Oh, and Dell technical support cannot handle two broken machines at a time; they can handle only one service tag per call. Damn Dell.