Broken again

My Dell Inspiron 5150 is broken again… This time, the blasted thing won’t even start up nine times out of ten attempts, and the tenth time it shuts down after very short while — I’d be able to login, but nothing more. The eleventh time, I thought I was lucky: it didn’t shutdown until KMail had downloaded all my mail from my mailserver. Then it halted again, the only sign of life was the whirring of the fan, but even the little blinkenlights were off.

Which means that I cannot hack on Krita for the time being; that I cannot answer any mail I’ve been sent this weekend and haven’t answered yet; that I will have to try and do my work on this six-year-old Powerbook that’s curiously enough still working; and that I will have to try to convince Dell that a laptop that’s broken down six times in two years is bad product that they under Dutch consumer law need to replace or repair for a very nominal sum if not completely free.