Comparing Apples and Dells

This seems to be a pretty popular sport in some nooks and crannies of the world — viz. Mezzoblue or OSNews, so I decided to put up a feature-by-feature comparison table of the laptop I wanted to buy, and the laptop I actually bought.

Keep in mind that I would seldom use the OS X that would come with the Powerbook, and never use the OS that comes with the Dell. I much prefer KDE to OS X. Also keep in mind that these are the configurations I choose; the standard Powerbook has a DVD-writer and a bigger hard disk, and costs €2,973.81.

Apple Powerbook 15″ 1.25 Ghz Dell Inspiron 5150
Keyboard gripes No delete Tilde in a silly location
Other gripes Dunno, never seen one in real life Makes a whistling noise.
Suspend & Resume Perfect Suspend, but no resume…
CPU G4 1.25 Ghz Pentium 4M 3,06 Ghz
Battery life Reported to be about 2 hours 4 hours (with brightness turned down to half, but compiling a lot of stuff on the road)
HD 60 GB 40 GB
RAM 512 MB 512 MB
Graphics card ATI Radeon 64 MB NVidia 32 MB
Screen quality Never seen one live, but reported to be good Completely perfect
Resolution 1280 x 854 1600 x 1200
Material Aluminium Plastic
Ports 2 x USB2, 2 x Firewire, TV-out, audio in, audio out, 1000 Mbit ethernet, pcmcia, modem 2 x USB2, Firewire, TV-out, audio in, audio out, 100 Mbit ethernet, pcmcia, modem
Wireless Yes No
Weight 2.5 Kg 3.13 Kg
Size (HxWxL) 2.8 x 34.8 x 24.3 44.5 x 32.9 x 27.5
Price (inc. VAT and transport, in Euros) 2,664.41 1,306.- (now reduced to 987.- + 97.- transport)

So, then it boils down to: is it worth paying €1,359.- for the privilege of giving up a bally perfect screen and a CPU that’s twice as fast where it counts (compiling Java and C++) and a platform that’s best supported by Linux to get better looks, more HD space, a conceivably tougher system and perfect suspend and resume. If the difference hadn’t been more than the price of the Dell itself, I might have hesitated.