Don’t buy Acer

Acer, a fairly popular manufacturer of none-too cheap laptops is a very bad firm to do business with. Their hardware sucks; their warranty sucks; their knowledge of consumer law sucks, their helpline sucks and the idiots they employ suck, too. My advice: do not buy Acer. Ever.

We were stupid enough to do so, slightly more than two years ago. We bought a nicely-specced Acer Aspire laptop, to run Linux on. For E1700,-. After a month or eight the battery was flat, but that’s not covered by the warranty anyway.

Then the machine, which had never been a pleasant thing, itself started to fail: the processor would get so hot it would shut itself off after a few minutes of running, especially if not placed high above any surface by means of of an extra support, and the backlight gave in.

Let me first explain about Dutch consumer law: if you buy something, the manufacturer has a responsibility for as long as the item can be reasonably expected to function. Since this is a bit more than two years for a laptop, this goes beyond the statutory warranty. If you have a defect, even outside warranty, then, if you bring this to the manufacturer’s notice within two months, you still have rights. Simply fobbing a person off by sending him to a repair center where you’ll have to pay for repairs yourself is not an option. Because if the thing breaks during the period in which you might reasonably expect it to function, the manufacturer has delivered a defective product.

This I explained to Acer in a polite letter, with a reference to current law. Today someone from Acer rang me up and began to tell me that since the laptop was out of warranty, I should go to their designated repair center and pay for
repairs myself. He didn’t even announce he was from Acer, he just started his spiel.

When I tried to explain the law to him, he told me the law didn’t matter, and that I was on my own. After being treated like a moron for a few moments I rung off.

I hadn’t expected much, I must admit, but still: damn him, his company and his products. I should probably sue them to teach them about the laws of the country they operate in, but I’ll junk the laptop instead and warn everybody
about Acer’s bad quality, their atrocious service and complete lack of regard for their customers.

Sod Acer.


Another call from Acer… This time I had someone rather more polite on the phone, probably the first person’s boss. Still he was as unhelpful as can be, referring me back to their head-quarters in the USA. So: my opinion still stands: never, ever buy something from Acer.