I finally succumbed

And got myself a new telephone. When I was in Berlin for the KOffice Sprint, I get totally fed up with sms’ing with only a numerical keyboard. So I went to the shop and got myself something with a real keyboard: a Nokia E71.

My previous phone was actually the Motorola phone I received got the 2006 aKademy Award for Best Application. I clocked up about three hours of call time and about sixty sms messages since then — I’m not a great phone user. But look what this phone can do: Logging in with ssh on my home server!

Of course, no matter what you do, unless you get one given to you (and my daughters are now fighing over the Motorola phone), when you get a phone, you will feel ripped off. Did I get the best data plan? Shouldn’t I have waited for another type of phone with just as good a keyboard, but full VGA resolution? Or maybe even got something that doesn’t run S60?

Right now, I think this phone has great hardware, great design (with two minus points: the rubbery bits covering usb and micro-sd slot are tacky, and the screen resolution should be better) and software that could be improved a lot.