I’m baffled…

We’ve got two Lenovo C3000 laptops around. Both run the same version of Kubuntu — neither runs Windows any more. They have a GMA950 graphics chip and a 1025×768 LCD panel.

All pretty standard stuff, so I cannot understand why some time ago Menna’s laptop started thinking it has a 1280×800 panel. It has, like its sister, a 1024×768 panel. Menna forgot to tell me when she first had the problem, so I don’t know when it started. The really strange thing is that even after I shut it down, already on startup the laptop is wrong about the panel size: the bios screen is 1280×800. And there are no options to fix this in the bios.

it’s hardware… Maybe I should replace it, but it feels silly to buy a new laptop when the old one still works.