It’s dead…

My poor Powerbook, a Pismo, is more or less dead. I used it mainly to quickly blog a bit or check mail from my comfy chair, but also to compile Krita and check it for endianness problems. And it’s not even the machine that’s completely broken; it’s the yo-yo power supply. And I used it to make the acquaintance of OS X.

Of course, the nearly five-year old computer had its little aging aches; the screen was as yellow the fingers of a chain-smoker, the dvd-drive only worked if you kept it pressed against the contacts. That’s why I’m not going to spend another $70,- on a new adaptor and $199,95 on a new dvd drive (after the $99,99 for the battery). The whole computer only cost me €300,-.

Anyway, these Pismo’s were pretty good machines — expandable, up to 8 hours juice with two batteries or feather-weight with the weight-saving device. Plenty powerful, even now: it ran OS X without any trouble in 386MB of ram on a 500Mhz G3, complete with Photoshop in Classic mode and Safari and Mail running at the same time.

And it has stood up to some pretty rough treatment, too, first from Tryllian’s resident artist, then from me, during holidays (where I used it as an image tank) and about and around the house.

What now… I’ll probably try to flog it on a second-hand mac website or eBay. I don’t want to be without an Apple, so I’m in the market for a cheap replacement. G4, for preference, so I can mess with altivec instructions in Krita. But whether I’ll buy the cheapest second-hand tiBook I can find or a new iBook, I’m not sure yet. We’ll be taking it on holidays, so something sturdy seems indicated. But old tiBooks are well supported by Linux and have the better screen.