New toy!

I recently bought a cheapo scanner, a Canon ScanScan LiDE25. Our old scanner had broken down, giving red and blue lines all along the left side, and, besides, it dated from our Windows-only era, which means 1994 or so. The LiDE 25 was cheap at about 60 euros, and, surprise!, easier to use under Linux than anywhere else. I mean, all you need to do is plug the usb cable in, and start one of the scan apps that come with any decent distribution. Works out of the box… No need to first install software from a bundled CD or anything.

I’ve tested three applications: the lamented unmaintained Kooka, the equally unmaintained QuiteInsane and XSane. Kooka cannot use the scanner’s 16 bit mode, which is, of course, extremely important because I’ve finally got a way to create 16 bit images to test Krita with. Quiteinsane claims to be abler to do 16 bit images, but cannot, really. Probably uses QImage inside. XSane does do 16 bit and, although all apps use Sane, gives the best results. A pity, because I liked the way QuiteInsane worked a bit better.

Using the scanner also shows that the panel on my Thinkpad Z60m has a really horrible orange cast, while the Philips LCD monitor we recently bought has a green cast. Looking at the image on the screen of our old Dell laptops shows that the scanner is all right and that those Dells, despite their many faults, have brilliant screens.

Still: here’s my new wallpaper, a painting by Pieter Claesz, originally
scanned at 16 bit/channel and 300dpi, massaged and cropped in Krita: