One down, two to go

I fixed sound and wifi on one of the Lenovo 3000 C200 laptops I bought for Menna and Rebecca’s birthday. It was a bit fiddly, at one point the sound system made a noise like an angry modem. But everything is fine now, except that the speakers aren’t muted if you plug in earphones. Youtube works, planet penguin racer works — what else can a 12 year old wish for? Krita is installing now.

This is the essential link:

(The Ubuntu wiki is quite difficult to navigate: there’s so much stuff that the authoritative pages often don’t show up in the first few pages of Google hits.)

I’m pleasantly surprised by the performance of these laptops: they crawl under Vista, but run really smoothly with Kubuntu Feisty and even compilation isn’t painful. Next the other 3000 C200, and then I’ll try to fix Naomi’s old Dell.