Recommending Hettes

So the twins needed a new laptop. Their previous laptops dated from 2007 and were broken in various ways. They had been making do with some netbooks, but that didn’t really made them happy. But both have got a job now, one is assistant in a butcher’s shop, the other in a delicatessen. So, flush with money they asked me to help them choose a good laptop that would run OpenSUSE. Yes, they know Windows, have used it at school, and prefer KDE.

I’ve got a sort of Lenovo-only policy which hasn’t failed me, ever since our Dell 5150 laptops turned out to be such lemons. The Acer and Toshiba laptops we’ve had were just as bad as Dell. Lenovo it was.

So we were looking around for nice models and checking whether there were any reports about Linux compatibility.

Then we found Hettes. They had the laptops we wanted, with OpenSUSE pre-installed. Wow! Maybe a little bit more expensive than finding them at the cheapest webshop, but then, to have everything working out of the box, that’s worth something. So I told my daughters to buy there and I would pay that trifling difference. Of course, then one of them wanted a model that wasn’t yet available in Europe…

So I’ve had plenty of contact with the people from Hettes. They told me that the other laptop was going to be a bit delayed because they had found a way to improve the wifi driver, which means that they actuallyt test what they sell!

This week the laptops arrived, and the twins are totally happy. Both models work perfectly, out of the box. The red E325 has a gorgeous screen and, very cute, the dots on the i of “thinkpad” glow red. More importantly, all the hardware works, OpenSUSE was ready on them.

I would recommend this shop to everyone who wants a laptop, desktop, tablet or netbook with Linux pre-installed. Great outfit!