I’m sometimes tired of hard and software, too… When my Vista laptop boots and refuses to connect to my wifi network — the little wifi light is on, but no network, or when after coming back from suspending it won’t recognize my password (the same that I can login with when freshly booted), or because the fingerprint reader isn’t supported. Or when the screen goes black for three seconds before it asks me for the admin password. And when the Photoshop CS3 demo complains it cannot install until I close firefox, I get tired. I despair when OSX gives me an update and suddenly the whole machine won’t boot anymore and I have to reinstall Leopard. Or when a friend upgraded to Snow Leopard and discovered he cannot play wma files anymore after the update. I have to admit that OSX’s kernel panic screen is nice and multilingual, but I wish I didn’t have to see it every month or so. And what’s with the vertical green and blue lines the screen on my top-of-the-line Macbook Pro 17″ shows? It’s not pretty. And when KDE’s plasma’s task manager keeps crashing or moving all the tabs to the right-hand side, instead of left aligning them, I sigh. Like I did when I find out I have to reboot my N900 every week otherwise the memory gets filled up by the microblogging service that Mauku runs.

Basically, no hardware and no software ever works correctly. All software and hardware sucks, and most of it sucks equally bad. I make an exception for vim, of course, but the only reason other software seems to be less sucky is because I haven’t discovered what makes it suck yet. Well, back to doing something about it and getting Krita under 40 known bugs now.

(And now the Photoshop CS3 demo complains it wants at least a Pentium4, Celeron, Core Duo or Core2 processor, on a Core2 laptop…)