Which laptop?

All the old hardware I kept from my KO GmbH days is, well, old, and dying. The Thinkpad’s hinges are breaking, the Dell XPS 12’s has a really small screen and is too slow for development work, the Thinkstation desktop machine has been throwing compiler segfaults for a year now. I’ve got a bunch of Intel Software Development Platforms, which are interesting laptops, but without battery life. And the Surface Pro 3 is a test device, not suited to develop on either. Even the Dell monitor is slowly losing what little contrast it had.

But what to buy?

I need a good keyboard, a good, largish hi-dpi screen (to check whether Krita handles that okay), at least 16 gb of memory and a big, fast disk. I have multiple checkouts of Krita, I build million+ lines of C++ code projects all day long, run virtual machines and, well, Krita likes lots of memory as well.

I could buy a Mac… It would help porting Krita to OSX. But it would also mean using a Mac. I’ve done that before, but I didn’t like it. The keyboard shortcuts are all wrong, the window manager is aenemic and the whole platform goes out of the way to patronize its users. Plus, Macbooks don’t have separate home, end, page up and page down keys, and there still isn’t even a backspace key. And, expensive as Macbook Pro Retina’s are, they don’t even come with a touch screen, which is a convencience I’ve come to really appreciate. And the processors available now are a generation out of date.

I could buy a Dell. An XPS 15, or a Precision. I would have a really good screen, an up-to date-processor and 16 gb of memory. So far, so good. But all these workhorses have the same keyboard as the XPS 12, which means, no Home, no End, no PageUp, no PageDown. Look, dear laptop manufacturers, I’m editing all day long. I need to zoom through my text. That needs those four keys!

I could by a Lenovo. No, scratch that. Lenovo has squandered whatever good will they had by dropping build quality year over year. Every new Thinkpad is worse than the previous generation. The keyboards have all the keys, though. The screens are often really dim, have really low contrast. And those breaking hinges… And, except for a gaming laptop, no configuration with more than 8GB of memory, no Hi-DPI screens. Even the X1 Carbon doesn’t seem to go to 16GB! If it did, I might still be tempted, despite the hinges, because it’s at least got the home, end, PgUp and PgDn keys.

I could wait and buy a Surface Book. It might be a bit small, but it has most keys (weirdly enough no Ins key, which I actually use a lot), but the screen’s aspect ratio is pretty good. I’m just worried that it, being so thin, won’t be able to stand all the compiling I’d be doing. On the other hand, it’s got a pen, which is pretty useful for me. No word on when it will become available, though…

So, what I need is Lenovo’s keyboard, Dell’s processor, screen and memory, Microsoft’s pen and the ability to run OSX for porting Krita…