Yesterday I suddenly realized that KDE4 is getting really comfortable to work in, even on my low-resolution (1024×768) laptop. Sure, I have to tweak a bit: all fonts are too big, the Oxygen colours are a bit too colourful, notify sounds need to be disabled, wallpaper changed. But that’s simply the desktop equivalent of moving into a new house. I think I’ve got KDE4 configured just right now.

There are things that make me so totally go wow: the cover flow window
switcher, the breath-taking new login splash, the panel resizer thingy… Krunner is much more useful and much easier to use than the old minicli. There are things that are a bit ho-hum: systemsettings doesn’t do much for me, although it’s comfy enough. I have to run KDE3’s kpowersave to make my laptop sleep when I close the lid. And I don’t like the extra space between lines, especially when
using a monospace font like the old Misc Console. Akregator hangs very quickly.

But worst of all: I have broken Krita. The tools don’t get activated anymore.

But apart from that, I’m quite comfortable now.