Helping KDE move to git

KDE’s migration to git has been a long time in the making, with the first plans being discussed in 2009. One big piece missing has been the actual conversion rules, rules that take into account the history of the KDE software throughout its history. KO GmbH has sponsored Ian Monroe to finish the rules for KOffice and perform the conversion and integration into KDE’s git infrastructure. The final conversion will happen tonight, and tomorrow development will continue using git…

But that’s not all: we’re really happy with Ian’s work, and when KO’s Marijn Kruisselbrink took up maintainership of the KDE mobile profile packages for MeeGo we saw we had an opportunity to take another step: KO GmbH decided to sponsor Ian to convert kdelibs and kdebase as well, and move development of those modules to Git.

So, with a target date of December 20th, Ian is working really hard to make sure that kdelibs and kdebase end up as git projects. Kdelibs will be one repository, minus some kwrite/kate stuff (most likely) and kdebase will become three repos. The first test repo has already landed!

We’re a really small company, so this quite a big deal for us, but we’re very glad we can do this to help KDE move its core platform development to git!