Meeting in Nijmegen

Today was my last day at Tryllian, and since my boss had given me the day off I was free to go to Nijmegen, where we had the inaugural meeting of the KDE Research Working Group. As a special guest we had Ralph Fiergolla from the European Commission’s FP7 directorate. Sebastian and Adriaan hosted the meeting in the SQO-OSS project room.

The meeting was quite productive: we decided on an action plan, came up with a couple of likely proposals, had an enlightening presentation by Ralph about the way the EC funding process works, and afterwards a good discussion on how a loosely-knit community of volunteers like KDE could fit into that. The EC is actively looking for project partners outside the group of “usual suspects”, and well, that’s where we want to fit in.

Oh — and Adriaan is dead wrong. There is a place in the Netherlands where you can have truly excellent food for a decent price. In Nijmegen, no less. Indian restaurant Gandhi, Hertogstraat 23. I have never had Indian food  that was that good. We had a couple of dishes I hadn’t seen before, like lamb pasanda (sweet, with almonds). The spices were exactly right. The texture of the eggplant in the baigan bhajee was amazing: soft with a little bite but nothing of the chalk-on-blackboard squeaking that eggplant often has, while not being overcooked. Completely amazing!