One Desktop Summit coming up…

One Desktop Summit coming up…

And I’m coming to Berlin for the Desktop Summit, with lots of colleagues and friends from KO GmbH and from the Calligra community.

And I have been given the opportunity to give two presentations. On Sunday morning (as usual…).

First, I will speak about Calligra Everywhere. Without wanting to put in spoilers, I can say that there are two parts to this presentation.

The Calligra suite of applications has been expanding in the past year in several direction: there are now more applications than ever part of the project, Calligra applications are available on more platforms, both desktop and mobile than ever, Calligra has joined the Active project, Calligra functionality is used in more applications and finally, some of our applications are being used more and more. So what I want to do in the first place is to review these developments, and make clear why they were possible, both technically and socially.

In the second place, the Calligra community has benefited from a long relationship with Nokia. Together with Nokia’s Thorsten Zachmann we will discuss not just what this has resulted in for Calligra and Nokia, but also the lessons we can learn from the collaboration of several commercial partners with the volunteer project that Calligra still emphatically is.

Next it’s Michael Meeks’s turn, who will speak about LibreOffice. It’s a bit like Fosdem all over — where KO colleague Jos van den Oever first presented WebOdf, then Michael talked about LibreOffice, and I finally gave my presentation on Calligra’s technical underpinnings. This time, I won’t put quite so much C++ in my slides!

So… When Michael is done, it’s my turn again. This time I will talk about Krita — in the first place not about Krita the application, not a list of features we created since last year’s aKademy presentation, but rather about Krita the project.

Krita is now more than ten years old, and it has started coming into its own only this year. What I hope you will be interested is in are answers to the questions “Why did it take so long?”, “What went wrong?”, “What went right?”. I’ll use the evolution of the application as a guide to discuss what it takes to create a large application with a diverse team that actually makes artists have fun.