Second Calligra sprint, wrap-up


Of course, I’d also wanted to blog on the second day of the Calligra sprint,  but we were way too busy… In the morning we had the usual plenary meeting. Among other topics, we discussed an extension to the 2.4 release schedule. In view of the current state of the Quality Dashboard, we decided to have at least one more beta release, which probably will move the release into 2012. At the same time, our release manager Cyrille Berger, who couldn’t join us, had come to the same conclusion.

Then SKF gave a remote presentation to everyone present on how they use Calligra Words in their application. They are developing a modelling and calculation application and using Calligra Words as the report writing component. The main application creates tables, images and plots which inserted in a document in the embedded Words component. The engineer then addes the explaining text. Those generated items are tagged using RDF, which means that if the input data changes, it become trivial to update just those items while the text the user has created remains intact. We got a remote, life demo of their application, event. It’s immensely encouraging for everyone in the community to see Calligra being used in real life!

Then Nokia presented every attendee who didn’t have a Harmattan device yet with one; an N9 or N950! This once again showed everyone how far along we have come, since it contains the Documents application with is built on the Calligra core office engine.

Despite giving many people new toys to play with, the commits never stopped coming in, and also from a coding perspective, the weekend was very succesful.

An extremely nice dinner in , which the seven Indians acknowledged present acknowledged tasted very authentic rounded off the day, or would have, had we not congregated in the lobby of the Radisson Seaside hotel for some more hacking. And playing with the new devices.


On Sunday, I spent most of my time in a separate room with Pierre, Pierre, Boemann, Thorsten and Leinir, taking a step back to look at the purpose and problems of a text editing component with a goal of identifying where there are conceptual problems in the current design in Calligra’s text component.

Lunch (the lunches provided by Nokia were awesome!) We also got a presentation by Nokia’s Abishek on Sunday showing us how well Calligra does as the core engine for Harmattan Office — and what could be improved still. It’s amazing that in some areas, like showing embedded charts in spreadsheets, we’re better than Micrsoft’s mobile office on Windows Phone.

Many thanks to Nokia for hosting the sprint in their office building, providing us with lunch and dinner, and to Nokia and KO for sponsoring travel and accommodation!