Kura runs on OS X!

Thanks to some tips from Michael Dunn, I’ve finally managed to get Kura
working on OS X. Actually, it wasn’t so much a matter of getting Kura to work, as it was a matter of untangling various previous attempts at getting PyQt and sip to work.

Here’s the setup I am using:

If you have managed to compile everything (and you need some Terminal skills for that, this is not drag and drop in your /Applications installation), you will need to use a special a shell script to start Kura, because the default shell script doesn’t work. You will also be running Kura from out of the kura-2.0 directory, you should not try to install it.

Qt needs the full path to the program; not a relative path like ./kuraclient/main.py, but /Users/boud/prj/kura-2.0/kuraclient/main.py. And you need to
use pythonw, not python, otherwise OS X won’t know you’ve started a GUI application, and you will never be able to activate the pretty window. So take a peek at the included mackura.sh script, and then run it.

Note that you will be greeted by the message importing db api failed. This is not an error. It merely means that you will be using a big file for your data, instead of a MySQl databse. Ignore it, open a test database (it ends with .dbobj, and read the fine manual.

This is a development snapshot of Kura; you might have equal success with a regular release, but I don’t think you should install it, instead run it from the package directory. Also don’t be afraid to mention any bugs, or fix them, if easy to do so…