A pattern is emerging

And so are the three stooges. I have been wondering what Microsoft would try after having failed buying a fast-track standardization of OfficeOpen XML (and I’ve been wondering why nobody has sued Microsoft for break of trademark for that name). It’s getting clearer: in the past few days all over the it-related web stories have started sprouting that spread the meme that ODF supporters are leaving the sinking ship, that ODF isn’t a good enough standard for all document needs now and in the future and that since we’ll need to interoperate with OOXML anyway, why not have it standardized. All backed up by statements from some ODF Foundation spokesperson. But while ODF Foundation has a very grand sounding name, it’s just two or three crackpots who failed to make money out of ODF and are now trying to make money out of something else.

But even though I’m not a conspiracy nut, I do think I’m detecting a pattern here. If you cannot convince people your standard is good enough, try to convince them other standard sucks, too. And for anyone wondering what exactly is wrong with OOXML (apart from the problem that even Microsoft doesn’t implement it in its own office applications), please look at the Eooxml Objections Clearinghouse.