Bubble Thoughts

Through Mark Rosenfelder’s Zompist website, which I’ve been reading since my conlang days, I came across Eric Janszen’s article The Next Bubble: Priming the markets for tomorrow’s big crash. Well worth a read — and now I am pretty certain that, no, there won’t be a stop to burning food as fuel, no matter how many scarce food becomes. No way anyone can fight the might
of $…

Which reminds me of another article I’ve read but lost the URL of that explained how the corn lobby in the USA was ultimately responsible for the Volstead act (because corn was too bulky to move, it was converted into something smaller and more valuable, namely Bourbon, which caused massive alcoholism, which caused the anti-alcohol campaigns becauseĀ  factories needed sober people to work the machines, etc.), and later the corn-syrup-in-everything phenomenon. I really should have saved that URL.

Of course, if the corn that used to be converted into corn syrup now gets converted into fuel, maybe ubiquitous obesity will be a thing of the past very soon… But so many other foodstuffs get caught up in the food-for-fuel bubble, too.