Just a few days

And then I’ll be able go into a restaurant again and enjoy my meal. Or go to the pub for a beer, without first flying out to hospitable Montreal, where I for the first time discovered how much fun a smoke-free pub could be.  Dutch restaurants and cafes will be smoke-free from July 1st. Of course, restaurant and cafe owners are complaining that they “used to be hospitable, but now they have to tell guests they cannot do something”. I‘ve never found them hospitable.

Every time I had to eat out the past few years — for work, for instance, or at a KOffice hack sprint I had to leave early or go home really sick. Whenever we had something to celebrate with the family, we’d go as early as possible to a restaurant, so we could have finished our dinner before the smoking customers started arriving. Sometimes that wouldn’t work out, and I’d be sick again.