Two novels

I’ve often said I started working on Krita just because I needed a Linux application to draw maps for the novels… But I have never shared the novels themselves. I don’t think I’ll get them published, so maybe here they are?

They were written in the nineties, and are… sexy, in places? And inappropiate? And the third one, which was more inappropriate got lost through a change of laptops. Damn, I miss that text, it was cool.

You might also think that there’s a lot of cultural appropriation here, especially in “Droi”, where a whole class of evil magic has been derived from Buddhism. On the other hand, I could, back then, read Sanskrit, Pali, Classical Chinese, Classical Tibetan and so on. I think the scenes where the heroine fights against how debased her belief system has become are the best.

Oh, I also think the sex scenes are good!

There’s also plenty of conlanging, and while I have lexicons and grammars for the languages in question, I won’t be sharing those :P.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the juvenile

Murxao (sweet juvenile romance with added cats)

And Droi, (protag’s thought process) imma gonna fix this world to avenge my dead wife.

This is all in Andal, a world that’s different, and which I started creating when I was eleven or so. My original thought back then was “there should be someone home when the kids come home from school, but you need two adults working to earn enough, so, any marriage should be between three people, one of them staying home for the kids.”
Yes, I was pretty innocent when I was eleven.