Blog as you go

I think I somehow messed up my Breezy install bad enough that upgrading to Dapper just isn’t going to work, so I’m reinstalling, or rather installing Dapper from scratch. I must say, this is a good installer.

For once thing, I’m blogging this logged into my server from the laptop where Kubuntu is being installed as I’m typing this. The live cd found my neighbours’ wifi lan, cracked the key (apparently, or they have chosen to disable encryption today) and got connected.

The artwork is nice, very nice. The startup of the life cd has provision for accessibility. The live desktop is very nice, very clean. The default window theme is small and not gaudy.

Some minus points: the partitioner is completely incomprehensible to me — and I’m an experience partitioner, having repartitioned hard disks for fifteen years. After pressing ok, the screen goes black for just long enough to give me a nasty fright. And my ssh logging through the neighbour’s network sometimes halts and then continues.

Well, time to reboot. Installing is done.