Yesterday evening all our network traffic seemed slowed down to a crawl — both wireless and adsl. I couldn’t find the culprit (at least, I don’t think it was actually caused by Menna plugging a network cable with both ends into the hub “because her Mozilla didn’t work anymore” in my absence), so I tried rebooting.

And when calcifer came up again, it couldn’t bring up the adsl interface anymore. So I tried again, this time with a kubuntu installation. Kubuntu doesn’t support adsl over pptp, apparently. SuSE 9.1 to the rescue — no joy. So… I tried connecting with OS X and with Windows XP. Nothing doing. By now it was nearly 13:00 CET, and Irina was coming home from choir practice.

Final, desperate attempt. Reset the adsl modem. Five minutes later I had network again. But, and this is important: normally our mailserver handles a few hundred email messages per hour, and I have a strong suspicion we have lost mail, despite having backup mailservers (Hi Mark & Otto!).

So: sent me a mail? Didn’t get an answer? Please resend…

(P.s. I’m downloading SuSE 9.3 as we speak. I confidently predict some more downtime in the near future. I need to get rid of SuSE 8.2, it’s no longer supported.