Jan Hambrecht is my hero!

Last weekend we implemented the basic infrastructure for loading ODF into KOffice 2.0. And this week, Jan Hambrecht (who now has a blog that’s in clee’s queue for adding to the planet) has been working steadily on making shapes load from ODF. I mean, like:

SVN commit 665978 by jaham: loading of ellipse shape
SVN commit 665983 by jaham: loading of the circle radius attribute
SVN commit 666027 by jaham: implemented loading of line, polyline and polygon from odf
SVN commit 666042 by jaham: move svgpathparser into flake so i can use it there to load pathes from odf
SVN commit 666096 by jaham: implemneted loading path data using the KoSvgPathParser
SVN commit 666382 by jaham: loading of enhanced path shapes from odf

And so on, and so on. Very soon my unittests will actually not fail any more!