Krita 2.1

I was asked the other day whether Krita 2.1 would be an official suitable-for-the-user release. And you know what? That’s actually a very good question. For most of KOffice the answer is easy: no, it is still a developers’ release, by developers, for developers and any adventurous user uses it at their own peril.

But for Krita, it’s harder to decide. Krita 2.1 still has some feature regressions compared to 1.6 (like no image overview docker, some missing filters, among other things I have discussed before).

And the performance of Krita is still quite bad, and we’ve done next to nothing about that for 2.1. I test with a 300dpi A4 image and if I play with layers I can almost make coffee while waiting for the image to be redrawn.

But the stability has improved a lot! We’ve been cleaning away bugs with vim and a hard brush and now there is only one release blocker bug, six crash bugs (only one of which I can reproduce,dash it) and less than forty normal bugs left. Polish is still lacking to some extent, mainly in the area of progress bars, but even there we are making progress.

And subjectively, stability feels pretty good, even while developing. So… It’s not ready for inclusion in the mainstream. But it’s a good replacement for Krita 1.6, if you are not using many of the filters from the krita-plugins package that haven’t yet been ported. So, if anyone wants to give it a try (especially if they are miniature painters who areĀ  satisfied with a 1024×768 canvas), we can use some real-life testing now!