Krita has got a new website

Krita has got a new website!

After two years and various attempts, Krita finally has a website of its own. And a really nice one, too. Thanks to Krita forum user Kubuntiac who did all the hard work and heavy lifting! Take a sneak peek at — soon we’ll point to the new location!

It’s well integrated within the wider world of KDE websites: we have our forums at, our tutorials go to userbase, developer information will go to techbase and the developer wiki. We’ve got a nice showcase with the most impressive images from the forum gallery. Also, the historical screenshots are back, rescued from the old website.

I promisefaithfully! — that I’ll try to make it a tradition to write a  weekly “Last Week in Krita” entry for the frontpage. It always surprises me  how much we get done in a week. More than seventy commits by seven  people is not to be sneezed at! For now, there’s some nice and uplifting content for you to read!

And… Watch for something really exciting later this week!