I’ve always thought it a pity that the domain was already taken when I started hacking on Krita. Originally it used to be the abandoned gallery site of some artist; now it’s occupied by a domain squatter. Still, it was taken.

But having a Krita website could very well be a good thing: I’ve frequently heard remarks along the lines that someone either would never have expected a decent graphics app to be hidden in an Office suite, or even from people who flat-out refused to use Krita because it had got office-cooties.

Enter… Wait! Don’t click that link yet! It’s empty…

Someone suggested tacking on the 2d suffix to Krita to show that Krita is about 2d painting — something I liked so much I grabbed the domain. I might even consider renaming the application with the next version. The website is graciously hosted by the same people who host the koffice website.

But getting the domain and asking for hosting is all I have had time for: I’m really looking for a volunteer who can take the material we’ve already got and the texts prepared by Valerie and create a website. I guess any kind of cms or php system can be installed — a wiki with a nice stylesheet and some accounts might be best, even.

So, if you want to help setup the website — please mail me: or join us on the #koffice irc channel (if not afraid of office cooties) or on #krita2d.