My PyQt Book

My PyQt book looks like getting a new lease of life. After consultation with the publisher and Phil Thompson, I’ve sent the sgml sources to Phil, who’s acquired a small band of volunteers to update the text for PyQt4 and, what’s even nicer, bundle it with PyQt.

The only real restriction on the license of the book is that nobody but OpenDocs is allowed to publish it as a paper book. Maybe that makes it not free enough for Debian, but, well, having the book available in the PyQt package makes PyQt so much more attractive. Even if I say so myself, it is a very full and clear introduction to coding a complete application in PyQt. The University of New South Wales chose it for its introductory class in OO programming, after all. Pity they used the electronic, not the paper version.

Oh, and a Turkish translation appears to be in the works.