Natural Media

Nathan Willis has written a very good article on Krita for,  Exploring natural media graphics with Krita, where he describes where I personally want to take Krita in the future.

Of course, Krita is and will remain a competent image manipulation  application, with cmyk, lab, adjustment layers and all that jazz, but my core interest is indeed natural media. Which makes me very happy that Bart Coppens has managed to make wet paint usable:

Everything works, except that we should disable parts of the user interface that are not relevant to wet work when the layer is wet and that drying is still a problem. In this image you can also see  Gábor and Casper’s jointly  produced layer preview tooltips.

In other news, the freeze went by, but hacking is still frantic. First  beta’s are notoriously supposed to be unusable, but I do hope people will download the sources, packages and kliks and test KOffice 1.5 beta 1 really thoroughly. Especially OpenDocument interchangeability is of paramount importance, but there are other big improvements that could do with some serious user testing, like all of Krita, really, and big chunks of KWord, KSpread and KChart, and KPlato. We’ve been busy.

I didn’t witness much of the freeze, actually, because I was laid up with acute food poisoning (again…) and I’m still not quite well. Actually, I’m going down about now.