I’ve been quietly working on a discussion draft for an OpenRaster file format specification. The goal is to create an file format that fits right in with OpenDocument for layered raster images with extras (think adjustment layers). Dave Neary discussed this issue yesterday, which was just the kick in the pants I needed to continue work.

(I’ve been slacking a bit lately. Of course, I needed to work on the last few papers for the theology course I’m nearly done with, and after the 1.5 release Real Life wanted its Boudewijn back for various things, and I got a bit fed up with the kind of reactions that prevail on free software-centered websites lately. But that’s for another rant.) But it’s nice to read that Krita is good, too.

In any case, with the valuable input from Øyvind Kolås (alias Pippin), whose esteemed presence graces the koffice irc channel, I’ve prepared a  discussion piece that after review by Cyrille Berger will be posted forthwith  to the Create project (where we’ve agreed to do the initial discussions) and also be presented to people higher up in the OpenDocument community. The basic idea is to just follow OpenDocument and have a zip archive with XML and binary parts in it.

And then, after lots of discussion of details and lots of coding, we may finally be able to move images from Krita to the Gimp and vice versa  without losing too much.