Before the piccy scrolls off the mainpage. The Kubuntu picture of Konqui & KOffice is way cool. And there are no fewer than five Konqui fans in my house…

In other news, the reason I went to kubuntu.org was to find the bugs database, since upgrading to Dapper seems to have removed my gl.h file and there’s something funny happening when I resume for suspend-to-ram, one time out of three.

In you don’t half realize how soggy the weather is news, our family went for a day trip, today. Yep: I managed to make it possible to get a holiday by working extra-hard for a customer so I could squeeze out from the two or three work projects demanding my attention.

So we went to ‘s Hertogenbosch, to take the boat trip on the Binnendieze. Despite the rain, this was rather worth it. Fascinating, in fact. And the way the old city wall is restored in one place reminds me of the intriguing way the castle in Kolding has been restored. Graceful, with respect for the original building, but working around it instead of messing it up.

Anyway, now back to my attempts at restoring sanity to this lowly Z60m.