RSS feeds

While I’ve still not figured out how to make RSS feeds for different subjects, I do have spent some time finding out that Blosxom provides a little plugin, foreshortened, which can be used to present only the first line of a blog posting to rss. I hacked this to produce only the first paragraph, but that’s all that will show up on aggregator sites like Planet KDE from now on. The full story is, of course, still available on Fading Memories itself, but I won’t make you all scroll through three screenfulls of garden wibbling anymore. I haven’t figured out how to make the appearance of the em-brackened three dots dependent on there actually being more to read, so you’ll have to try your luck when clicking on the link to the story itself. But I’m a verbose kind of person, who seldom keeps himself to a mere paragraph. Look: there are the dots. (If you’re reading this on Planet KDE, that is. Or bloglite. Or in Akregator.)

Got you there…

Actually, my own opinion in the whole socks debate on Planet KDE can be summarized as: I’m not going to divide my RSS feed according to topic, and neither am I going to change the contents of my blog because it’s now read by a thousand KDE enthusiasts for every reader I had before Planet… And, well, I have always been reluctant to provide too intimate details in the public place that every blog is, so the thousand-fold increase in readership won’t change that.