Running Krita Snaps on Other Distributions

This is pretty cool: in the week before the Krita release, Michael Hall submitted a snapcraft definition for making a Krita snap. A few iterations later, we have something that works (unless you’re using an NVidia GPU with the proprietary drivers). Adding Krita to the Ubuntu app store was also really easy.

And now, if you go to and click on a Linux distribution’s logo, you’ll get instructions on how to get snap running on your system — and that means the snap package for Krita can work on Arch, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo — and Ubuntu of course. Pretty unbelievable! OpenSUSE is still missing though…

Of course, running a snap still means you need to install something before you can run Krita while an AppImage doesn’t need anything making it executable. Over the past month, I’ve encountered a lot of Linux users who just couldn’t believe it’s so easy, and were asking for install instructions 🙂