SCO — and the Dutch Broadcasting Company (NOS)

Right, this is too silly for words. This morning the alarm clock radio woke me up with the NOS newsreading woman saying that “Deskundigen vermoeden dat Linux aanhangers iets met het MyDoom virus te maken hebben. SCO heeft een conflict met Linux.” (Experts think that Linux adherents have something to do with the MyDoom virus. SCO has a conflict with Linux.) — and today they declare SCO to be a ‘software giant’…I’ve grabbed a screenshot before the story disappears:

Anyway, real experts seem to know that this virus was written in Russia for spam criminals; it opens a backdoor and makes you box (if you’re so silly to run a vulnerable OS) a spambox. The SCO attack seems to be a mere sideline, a diversion.

But SCO… A ‘software giant’. It’s too ridiculous for words.