Warning: this is a very, very vertical blog entry… It’s about toolboxes.

I’m busy redesigning the way Krita uses its toolbox. As you can see, we have a lot of buttons, and they are badly organized.

Currently, we’ve got an ordinary toolbar with all our tools, more or less like Paintshop Pro, with fold out buttons to select more specialized buttons.

This is similar to Photoshop, which looks a little more disorganized, perhaps because of the two columns.

Another style, one that is more often used with paint applications, is that of Procreate Painter. Here, we find a small set of tools. There’s one central tool, a single paintbrush that is used for all the freehand paint effects.

This the style that Corel Painter IX uses:

Deep paint 2D is practically the same as Corel Painter IX, except that the order of the buttons is different:

Finally, Microsoft Code Named Acrylic follows this lead but managesĀ  to have small, almost unrecognizable icons: