Unsung heroes

One of the most exhilarating things about working on an application in the KDE cvs is seeing the .desktop files expand and expand and expand with translations. Everytime I see another language pop up I feel honoured that someone has just taken my hackwork serious enough to spend serious time on it.

So I really want to say thank you! to all translators who have worked on Krita and who are working on Krita. Thank you! Hartelijk dank! Mille remerciements! Vielen dank! Muito obrigado! Ευχαριστώ πολυ! Большое спасибо! धनयवाद गछु! Xie-xie nin! (Sorry, no Chinese input method on the Kubuntu system.)

And if you have worked on Krita in a language I haven’t learned yet — thanks to you too!

(But if the translator into Zulu reads this: I strongly suspect that “I GNU Umboniso Weprogremu Esabisanayo” means “The GNU Image Manipulation Program” — and that name fits better with the Gimp, than with Krita.)