Wow — what a great community!

The Krita fund raising campaign went live on Monday. Tuesday night, Jos Poortvliet published his interview with me and Lukáš. Today it’s Thursday night, and not only have we very nearly reached the campaign goals, we’re now at €2,343.00, but I’ve also bursted out of my Paypal account! So from now on, new donations will go to Cyrille Berger‘s paypal account, until I’ve unblocked mine. Our ace webmaster, Kubuntiac has been telling me he warned me this had happened to others, but I simply hadn’t expected so many people — 89 already — to care enough about Krita that they wanted to help us!

A great, big thank you! to you all!

I can only say that I’m totally floored and apart from the paypal
issue, and, deo volente, it’s now certain that Lukáš will be able to
start doing what you all have decided is so very much worth doing: Make
Krita fast!

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