Absolutely lazy…

That’s what I feel. The weather is nice and I haven’t done a thing about Krita for quite a bit of time. Of course, that’s partly because I have a hard time getting into the Qt4 porting; porting Qt3 to Qt4 makes me feel like I’m learning to ride a bicycle with training wheels again. Which, given that I’m as Dutch as Dutchmen come (being from mixed German and Swiss stock), you may well imagine is hard on me. Anyway, if I cannot bike, I’m going to ramble…

And then, I’m busy in a few other ways. For work, I need to learn JavaScript. Did that last week & got dwr to work to integrate with Java. Ajax in Action is a gem of a book, and The Definitive Javascript Guide is, although old, a very helpful reference. JavaScript is marred by the same problem as Java and Python: these languages are so popular that simply googling just doesn’t help. Most pages are from commercial aggregators that ask you to get a (paid!) subscription to see the answers to a particular question. And newsgroups have been a no-go area for years, as are mailing lists. It’s simple: too many people asking questions and giving answers. Books are needed, then.

There’s also a kind of natural progression in the popularity of a language or tool — if it gets popular at all. Werumeus Buning already noted this in his essay “Korte handleiding tot den literairen roem” — at first you need something to push against. For Python, this was Perl. For Ruby it’s Python and Java (woohoo! two adversaries!). For Perl it was AWK and sed. And so on, I bet the same happened with Smalltalk and Lisp way back in the days before I had a computer.

And communities are the same. Small net communities often define themselves as “friendly” opposed to the arrogance of the established big brother. If you take a careful look, you’ll see that happen everywhere.

Which brings me to the following… Apparently, some people are under the impression I’m “posting” to planetkde.org. And that I should keep on topic. Or at least, not mention my religion. Children, painting and tulips are okay, it seems.

Something similar happened to me last Saturday. I was in Brussels for the last-but-one lesson in my theology course (another reason not to work on Krita, I need to write a couple of papers still…). We had a course in liturgical music, and the teacher had brought his laptop and speakers. A nice warm day, the windows were open. Apparently the music was audible in the street, and some people disliked that very much, and turned on their car radios with some kind of modern music with a lot of beats in it. Ah well, an apter illustration of the ancient Greek ideas about how good music heals body and mind and bad mars it was impossible, so I’m grateful to them.

But to make everything clear: I am posting on my own webserver, which runs on my own computer behind my own adsl modem. Planetkde, but other planets too, are free to syndicate my rss feed, as are individual people
using apps like akregator (which I use myself). But I’m not going to tailor what I write about to any aggregator… And if I’m too lazy to make different feeds for different subjects, well, all I can say is “tant pis”.

Anyway, enough rambling for one night. Time for some Google Summer of Code application rating.