Back home

Tuesday, Marijn and me went back to the Netherlands after two weeks of pretty intensive hacking. Only KPresenter needs to be made compatible¬† with QGraphicsView, and we got a long way there as well. Basically, where KOffice assumed that a canvas was a QWidget, it now assumes a generic base class, one that can be implemented by a QWidget, QGraphicsWidget or something we haven’t seen yet.


On Monday, when I told the people at the office that we had had a great weekend, with the trip to Nandi Hills on Saturday, Mek meeting with a¬† KStars developer in Bangalore and me going to Church, Vidhya was surprised — and a bit annoyed. If she had known I had wanted to go to Church, she would have taken me! Still, I am glad I went on my own, because I’d found an Orthodox Church quite close to our apartment: the St George Church in Marathahalli.

Going there was wonderful. Malayalam is a very nice sounding language, and the deacon had a really good voice. It’s different from our church, of course, since the Orthodox Church in India follows the Syriac rite, but I could follow most of the service, went to confession and received communion.

The church in Marathahalli is really new, only a couple of months old, and already almost too small, with, I think, at least two hundred people attending, men to the left, women to the right, the opposite from Churches in Greece.

I was the only non-Indian, but I felt very welcome and had some good conversations over coffee after the Liturgy.