Colour is a big topic at the Libre Graphics Meeting. Today, Kai-Uwe Behrmann will speak about his Oyranos project. Yesterday, it was Emanuele Tamponi’s turn. Emanuele presented his work on the Kubelka-Munk colorspace. His presentation went very well, even though some of the less mathematical-inclined people left at the third slide with formulas. I was glad to see, however, that there are a number of rather more in-depth presentations at this LGM.

Showing off the mixing algorithm in Krita

Emanuele discussed the research in the field of pigment representation and his totally new roundtrip conversion method for going from RGB to a realistic pigment colour representation and back with a high degree of realism and fidelity. There are also way more applications for his work than just the colour mixer in Krita.

Emanuele discussing the finer points of colour theory with SVG guru Chris Lilley

Just like last year, it’s a really great conference. It’s mostly meeting up and talking and getting to know each other, but there’s also real, hard work being done. Gilles Caullier from Digikam fame presented the current and future Digikam and has started all kinds of cooperation with other photo handling applications.

By the way, this is my hotel room:

But Wroclaw is a city with many beautiful spots. We had a nice walk with the Scribus people last night, ending up at a restaurant next to this arch: (which Alexandre Prokoudine was nice enough to photograph for me):

Yesterday we took a walk with Udi Fuchs from UFRaw, his girlfriend and a random collection of other hackers to the Japanese Gardens, which unfortunately was closed, but I managed to take this picture of the Centennial Building, built when Wroclaw was still Breslau: