Going to Akademy — for the sixth time

Pretty incredible… I’ve been working on Krita for over nine years now, and it’s over ten years since I did my first hack in KDE. I’m starting to feel like a dinosaur. And this will be my sixth Akademy!

I’ve been to Malaga, which was awesome until I got sick, then I skipped Dublin (where Krita got App of the Year award!), went to Glasgow (where my luggage got caught in the terrorist attack on the airport), skipped Sint-Katelijne-Waver, skipped Gran Canaria, went to Tampere, went to Berlin and now to Tallinn.

Every Akademy I’ve attended was different, not just because the venues were different, but because KDE as a project is always on the move. Malaga was the first time I heard of the plans for KDE4, and they
sounded awesome, and in Glasgow people presented the first results of all that effort, which turned to be — awesome! And I think that KDE has gone from strength to strength. Sure, we need more polish and we need to take better care of bugs. But I maintain that for sheer user-focused development, KDE stands alone in the free software world.

I came to Tampere after a week of working in Nokia’s office in Helsinki on Calligra Mobile. Lovely train ride, and then a really productive week. The hack rooms in Tampere were perfect.

While I attended the Desktop Summit in Berlin, I didn’t get to go to many presentations. The Chagall coffee shop next door would usually find me, chatting, meeting and planning the next iteration of Calligra (Active) development.

I don’t yet know what Tallinn will bring us… As for the Desktop Summit, KO GmbH is sponsoring travel and accomodation for all its employees. We see Akademy both as our company get-together and a yearly touching base with the wider KDE community, without which our company wouldn’t exist. I’m really looking forward to it — so… Meet you all in Tallinn!