Introducing the Bangalore Bunch

Introducing the Bangalore Bunch

I’ve been in Bangalore for a week now, giving an intensive training to ten students from IIIT. Nokia is sponsoring them to do an internship focussed on koffice and fre-office. This is a pretty smart bunch of people, and it’s been a pleasure working with them. In fact, every day during the training sessions, they have been able to produce fixes for KOffice already and post patches to the reviewboard.

This is the first Bangalore Bunch (five more students will start working on KOffice/FreOffice related projects later on):

So, let’s introduce them:

20100507 002

Standing: Pratik, Kaushal, Sugnan, Pramod, Kaushik, Boudewijn, Ajay, Srihari. Sitting: Gopalkrishnan, Mani Chandrasekar, Rahul.

The invisible guy is Amit — he took the picture, but he’s the sitting guy in the next picture:

20100507 004

The students are really ambitious: let’s take a look at their projects.

Ajay Pratab and Pratik Vyas are going to make editing work on the mobile version of KOffice, FreOffice, and then Ajay will continue with collaborative editing, while Pratik is going to add advanced editing features, like ocr from the camera or sms-integration.

Gopalakrishna Bhat, Kaushik Pendurthi and Sugnan Prabnu are going to work with the KPresenter-based module of FreOffice: they will use the accelerometer of the n900 phone to add gesture support to KPresenter (for instance to move between slides), eye-tracking for highlighting parts of a slide, painting on the slide during a slide show and an slide-show companion to manage a slideshow running on a laptop using a phone.

Rahul Das is going to work on new slide transitions for the OpenGL-based slide transition feature for KPresenter that was developed by the ISI students this year and committed just yesterday.

Kaushal is going to work on integrating KOffice with online services like Google Docs, blogging services, Facebook… And maybe others.

Pramod SG and Srihari Prasad will be working on a new ODF->html export filter, initially for KWord and KSpread, as a start for making KOffice suitable for use in webservers, through koconverter.