Is it already the third day

Of the Libre Graphics Meeting? It seems it is… Emanuele has arrived, as has Gilles Caullier — doubling the KDE attendance compared to last year. Next year we really must, must, must, must! bring the ksvg2 people, the karbon people — everyone interested in graphics and free software should be here. The KDE e.V. should start saving up, because it’s likely that next year’s venue will be Singapore.

My impressions of Poland… The language really threw me off. I’ve never been in a country where I couldn’t understand more than one or two words, and only today I managed “goodbye” in Polish — and I still couldn’t spell it. The train journey from Berlin to Wroclaw was awesome! So much countryside! Beer is fair to great, food is somewhat difficult. But last night we went to a very expensive, high-class restaurant and had a really great dinner — for about 20 Euro’s. Wonderful mushrooms, fresh vegetables, not too salty. I am sorely tempted to go there again before I leave Wroclaw. Wroclaw is a very interesting city with a lot of very beautiful spots. I’ve recharged my camera batteries, so I might be able to post some pictures when I find my usb cable.

Our hotel, the Hotel Polonia is a once in a lifetime experience. We probably shouldn’t have gone there. The entrance looks more like a sex shop than a hotel. The decor is authentic fifties. The rooms are dusty, musty and run-down. The lights tend to be broken, the beds are extremely uncomfortable. And I suspect that On the plus side, there’s theater stage in the breakfast room, and breakfast is pretty good. And there’s a 24h shop and a taxi stop nearby.

I’ve given my presentation: it was a bit more generic than last year: the topic was natural media simulation, the field and the future. For most people in the attendance it was a first introduction to the field, and I’m not sure I didn’t overwhelm then. But I got very favorable reactions.

Pippin’s talk about Gegl was not only deliciously technical and accompanied by frenzied recompiling, but also too long: I had to skip the end to attend Chris Lilley’s SVG talk. We had a great OpenICC bof. As with the previous LGM there’s a healthy mix of coders, designers and artists, and the artists are giving presentations, too, which is great!